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  • elenoram
    elenoram replied to the thread benefits.
    There are Cannabis edibles for pain, depression, breathing issues and a few of other needs. Edibles, like other ingestion methods, serve...
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    oliverblackk replied to the thread Sativa vs. Indica cannabis.
    As far as I have read Sativa is your heady high. The trippy aspect persay. It has a higher thc content than indica. Usually and a lower...
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    oliverblackk replied to the thread What is your favorite Kush?.
    Master Kush is my fave
  • elenoram
    A simple question you have to ask is a daytime cookie or nighttime cookie? Although weed impacts everyone differently, generally...
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    Hey, not sure if you check in here at all these days, however, if you do please say ‘hi’.
  • Eichevet
    I am not sure if this is 100% accurate but I think the smell is actually arsenic or something very similar. The reason I say this is...
  • rmayers
    I watch some youtube videos before buying the new vape. Also, you can find some useful info about them on Vapingdaily...