What types of edibles are there?

Feb 8, 2018
My Girlfriend's cousin is gonna get us some edibles from the cannabis club. I want to know what kids there are. All I really know of is brownies and cookies


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Oct 3, 2018
NV, United States
ou might be surprised as to the many different number of ways marijuana can be cooked into a tasty treat. Here are the best ones available today.

20. Pineapple Delight Bites

  • Brand: Lifted Edibles
  • Type of Treat: Real Fruit Treats
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg
  • Price: $6
Imagine someone cut open a fresh juicy pineapple taken straight from Hawaii, took a piece of it and mixed it with some mangoes, walnuts, goji berries, and vanilla before covering the entire thing in a smooth rich tasty coconut coating. These things are good with or without the THC but when you add THC, it just gets a whole new level of perfection.

19. Toast Crunch

  • Brand: Kief Krispy
  • Type of Treat: Cereal Bar
  • Amount of THC: 150 mg (With a possibility of 25 mg more or less)
  • Price: Unavailable
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is one of the best cereals to eat when you are high so imagine what happens when you eat a Kief Krispy cereal bar which takes the cereal and turns it into a edible treat that tastes like heaven dipped in sugar.

18. Mango Maui Wowie Fruit Leather

  • Brand: Fruit Slabs
  • Type of Treat: Fruit Snack
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg
  • Price: $16
The Mango Maui Wowie is a fruit roll-up made with truly organic and real flavors. The only downside is that when you are eating it, you might not like the treat getting stuck to the top of your mouth but it is a small price to pay for such a tasty edible treat.

17. Raspberry Macaroons

  • Brand: Utopia Farms
  • Type of Treat: Cookies
  • Amount of THC: 200 mg
  • Price: $20
A macaroon is a mini-cake. It is a chocolate covered Oreo. The raspberry macaroons from Utopia Farms are an award-winning edible treat that serves one purpose, to make you smile. It does the job.

16. Reef Jerky

  • Brand: Badfish Extracts
  • Type of Treat: Beef Jerky
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg
  • Price: $12
Beef jerky can be made with THC mixed in it? Not only did we not know this, we had no idea it existed until now and it is surprisingly good. In fact, we might have to place another order because it is tough to find anywhere else.

15. Mountain High Suckers

  • Brand: Mountain High Suckers
  • Type of Treat: Lollipops
  • Amount of THC: 31 mg per sucker
  • Price: $6/each
Although the THC content is much lower than almost all the other edibles on the list, the fact that it has an apple flavored sucker dipped in caramel makes it a non-issue. (For something of that size, in comparison to the others on the list, it is a pretty high amount of THC)

14. Chocolate Truffles

  • Brand: Dixie Elixirs
  • Type of Treat: Chocolate
  • Amount of THC: 150 mg/each
  • Price: $20
This is something for the fancy upper West side of Manhattan type of cannabis connoisseur. Why else would you purchase truffles laced with pot? Oh wait, maybe it’s because it has 300 mg per package (150 mg each). That is a very high amount when you see how much is in all the others.

13. Handcrafted Marshmallows

  • Brand: Mellows
  • Type of Treat: Marshmallows
  • Amount of THC: 5 mg/each (12 pieces per box)
  • Price: Unavailable
Have you ever heard someone say they were high as giraffe ass? Well, this is probably the edible they ate before heading down that road. The time and effort put into making these handcrafted marshmallows shows up in the flavor.

12. Wana Jewels

  • Brand: Wana Edibles
  • Type of Treat: Hard Candy
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg
  • Price: $10
Finally, jolly ranchers laced with THC. Is there anything better? Apparently there is because this isn’t even in the top ten.

11. Mini Cookies

  • Brand: Sweet Grass Kitchen
  • Type of Treat: Cookies
  • Amount of THC: 70 mg per box (7 cookies)
  • Price: $10
These cookies have an ability to mellow you out for a good amount of time. The original rush is fast and hits you like a brick but then it levels out and you coast along as you continue to enjoy the cookies that are soft and chewy.

10. Blue Raspberry Taffy

  • Brand: NectarBee
  • Type of Treat: Taffy
  • Amount of THC: 10 mg/each
  • Price: $2.45
How can we explain what taffy tastes like? Um, well… Do you really not know? If you don’t then you shouldn’t even try this because you will not like it. For those of you that love taffy, how have you not already bought a box?

9. Tree Hugger Cinnamon Maple

  • Brand: Om Edibles
  • Type of Treat: Nuts (Pecans & Almonds)
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg (Entire Package)
  • Price: Unavailable
It’s a small tiny jar of nuts that have the smoothest THC taste of anything on the list. It is almost hard to tell if there is anything added to these delicious snacks.

8. Affogato Bar

  • Brand: Incredibles
  • Type of Treat:
  • Amount of THC: 300 mg (medical), 100 mg (recreational)
  • Price: $10
There are two different bars that we loved enough to put on the list. The first one is flavored with Chocolate Latte, Espresso Beans, and Caramel Swirl while the other one is Vanilla Latte, Espresso Beans, and Caramel Swirl. This product is perfect for the coffee lover in all of us.

7. Mint Chocolate Bar

  • Brand: Dabba Chocolate
  • Type of Treat: Chocolate
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg (recreational), 200 mg (medical)
  • Price: $13
This is more of a medical marijuana snack but for almost every edible that is medical, there is another one that is recreational. They can’t put them together because each state does have laws about how much can be in the edibles and the medical ones are allowed a lot more.

6. Peanut Butter Cup

  • Brand: Mountain Man
  • Type of Treat: Chocolate Candy
  • Amount of THC: 120 mg/each
  • Price: $14
No, this isn’t exactly like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but it’s as close as you will find. See, that is the thing. If a company can create THC infused edibles that taste like our favorite snacks and candy, then they will be successful.

5. Space Brownies

  • Brand: Beyond Mars
  • Type of Treat: Brownies
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg
  • Price: $10
The reference to space is ironic because when you eat these delicious brownies, you will feel like you are in space. Try not to have anything to do the day you try these, you will enjoy them even more than you could imagine.

4. Cheeba Chews

  • Brand: Cheeba
  • Type of Treat: Taffy
  • Amount of THC: 112 mg
  • Price: $8 average price
Cheeba Chews are the simpilest edible treat on the list. They are tiny pieces of taffy in several different flavors for you to choose. It is the most exciting and fun way to ingest THC without smoking it.

3. Watermelon Tarts

  • Brand: Edipure
  • Type of Treat: Sour Candy
  • Amount of THC: 10 mg/each
  • Price: $16
Someone asked us what these tasted like and the best way to describe them is if they added THC to Sour Patch Kids, then you would have Watermelon Tarts by Edipure.

2. Blueberry Bliss Bar

  • Brand: Incredibles
  • Type of Treat: White Chocolate Bar
  • Amount of THC: 100mg
  • Price: $12
It is tough to imagine white chocolate mixing with blueberries but not only does it work, it tastes better than your brain can even handle. Try not to enter into a food coma.

1. Orange Creamsicle Creampop

  • Brand: Sacred Sweets
  • Type of Treat:
  • Amount of THC: 51.95 mg (Estimated)
  • Price: Unavailable
The number one edible is an orange creamsicle creampop because it tastes exactly like it sounds. The orange flavor is blended perfectly into the creamsicle that you will not even notice the THC as you enjoy it. By the time you are finished, it will be difficult to come down from this euphoric high.
There are two types of people that make a stand against cannabis. The first kind we refer to as “CAVE” people. CAVE being an acronym for “Citizens Against Virtually Everything”. These are people who do not understand much at all about cannabis (but think they do) and more than anything else - they fear change. CAVE people show up any time something new, non-traditional or disruptive in any way is being considered. They are usually easy to spot, carrying large signs with partial sentences on them such as “Just say No”. I have to admit, most CAVE people think they are doing the right thing and many are legitimately scared for the safety of their families and communities. The problem is the fear in them is typically generated by the second group… those with a financial interest in keeping cannabis illegal.

The second group is a pretty well funded and well organized group. It consists of various elements of law enforcement, large pharmaceutical companies who fear diminished sales and spend Millions of dollars every year trying to scare people with misinformation and those that make stacks of cash from the situation like the Wackenhut boys who own most all the private prisons in the country. For these folks cannabis being illegal is big business with a lot of dollars on the line. Law enforcement uses existing laws to confiscate everything they can to help fund their departments. Cannabis becoming legal would dry up much of their funding, right or wrong they aren’t about to let that happen. The big Pharma companies make FDA approved medications directly from cannabis and then spend Millions on public dis-information campaigns designed to keep people scared of cannabis. If cannabis became legal they know their multi-billion dollar drug won’t sell as people would simply be able to treat their own symptoms and there would be a huge drop in demand. So, because there are Millions of dollars on the line they spend huge amounts to scare people about the dangers of cannabis while they make a medicine out of it and declare it to be “safe and effective”. And the guys that own the private prisons? Well, you can imagine the amount they make from cannabis being illegal, it’s like a gold rush for them.

When you have that many large companies with a solid financial reason to lie and/or disregard the truth you better believe it is going to happen. The biggest single element that allows these campaigns of lies and disinformation to succeed? The CAVE people…

CAVE people will believe most anything you throw at them that supports the stance of non-change (or standing still) and most readily grab on to anything that will justify their fear of change. It becomes an almost perfect cycle with PR firms twisting the hell out of the truth or outright lying to the public and the CAVE people responding by picking up their signs and protesting.