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Jan 21, 2011

You have a choice of characters:

Dispensary Owner

The products available for sale in your dispensary.

The dispensary owners job is to buy weed, concentrates and edibles from the various other players (Weed Farmers and Extractionist) and sell them in their virtual dispensary to virtual customers. You have to keep your dispensary stocked with products by keep your prices competitive with other players in order to get the most daily customers.

Weed Farmer

Detailed information about your operations, cash flow and more.

The weed farmers job is to grow the weed and bake the edibles that are bought by the dispensary owners and extractionist. The weed farmer has to buy lights, keep clones alive, etc. in order to produce weed for sale to the other players.


Set the prices for the products you make to be sold to other players.

Extractionist make concentrated cannabis products. The extractionist buys weed from the weed farmers in order to produce concentrates for sale to the dispensary owners.

The Game Play:

The game is played by each player setting his or her own prices for the product they produce then getting other players to buy said products from them in order to make virtual money to expand their virtual dispensary, farm or laboratory.

You can also buy products from the games store that will improve your production quantity.

Improve your dispensary, grow and laboratory with new equipment.

You can make political contributions to reduce the chances of being raided by the police.

Help the Mayor keep his job and maybe the cops wont bother you so often.

You can even deposit your earnings in the bank and withdraw them as needed.

Money kept in the bank can't be taken by the police during a raid or stolen by armed robbers or employees.

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