skunk# 1000??

Feb 4, 2018
Recreating a giant. Now days there are lots of reworked skunk #1 strains out there. My thought was to start at the beginning again. The key would be to use the supped up versions of Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold Barneys Farm has a reworked Acapulco Gold that's true to the stain but puts out more THC. I know there are Afghani's out there that are reworked and better. Not sure about the Columbian though I'm sure there is 1 out there.
What matters the most is that they all must carry the characteristics of the original. That and a couple years to make the right selections along the way. It could be accomplished fairly fast now days with legal states. Even faster if 3 people got together and worked 1 strain a piece.
So what are your thoughts on this.