aka The Duke Of Pico
Oct 27, 2005
I played rugby for years!! My favorite sport by far. Absolutely destroyed my body doing it... It's one of the reasons I have my mmj rec. I still live in constant pain!

I was playing Flanker and Second Row (Lock) in the scrum, for the Italian Rugby Union B Team, in Varese Italy. I was going to an American high school over there. Two of my friends and I were recruited to play after scouts came to a few of our high school games.

It was 1991 and I got to play against some of the players who would change the game forever! Sean Fitzpatrick and I exchanged jerseys after I played the All Blacks! I played against Francois Pienaar who Matt Damn played as in the movie Invictus... Plus, I got to play against Jonah Lomu, Rugbys equivalent to Wayne Gretzky!

Of course, I did break both my knees, dislocated both shoulders and broke my nose three times... But I kept going back!

Although my duties with my Collective, City Hall and MMJ in general, I don't get to play as much. But I do go out with the Santa Monica Rugby Club once in a blue moon! A few months ago I played the Scottish National team with the SMRC and it was brilliant.

If you don't know much about Rugby, it's really a fantastic sport. Truly a hooligans sport played by gentlemen. I've been in vicious confrontations with an opposing player throughout a whole game. But as soon as that final whistle blows, its over and left on the field.

Suggested watching: the 1995 and 1999 World Cup games between New Zealand, Austrailia and South Africa! Amazing games!!