[News] So Long And Thanks For All The Dabs!


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Jan 21, 2011
I will no longer be a part of the WeedTracker organization. I will not be admin of the site nor will I be admin of any of the social media accounts.

I will no longer be posting on any sites as WeedTracker.

I will not be available for any support or questions regarding the site or request for advertising. You will have to contact Crowdgather with your questions or comments.

Thanks for the good times. I wish everybody in the community the best of luck.

I'd especially like to thank a few people for everything they've done to help the site and the community:


You three get a big thank you for putting up with me and with the people of the community. Thanks for doing the things I didn't want to or know how to do.

Kennabis (you're the best)
Papa Smurf
Lance & Gary (i totally forgot your name on here)
Sweetleaf (you crazy guy you!)
Blo-n-dro (I hope you're a doctor somewhere by now, thanks for all your help)
Compassion King (you were always good to me and I appreciate it so much)
Missy aka, Compassion Queen (also thank you for being so kind)

And there are so many more of you who have helped the site and helped the community over the years. Thank you to everybody who's names I've forgotten, you're also appreciated.

State of Love and Trust

Without you none of this would have ever been possible in the first place. Thank you so much for everything you did to help the site, the business and the community.


You two were the first to believe in the site and its potential to help others. Thank you for that. Thanks for putting effort into posting and advertising and going to events. It really made a huge difference.

There are a few of you out there who continuously tried to rain on the parade and some of you were more successful than others. To you I say good riddens, I'm super glad I never have to see you or deal with you again. You could have been a apart of the future, but your short sightedness lead to blindness.

So heres the deal. I won't be attending any future weed events (no cannabis cups, no secret cups, no trade shows), because I'm super over the whole weed industry. Besides if you've been to one of these events youve been to them all.

So thanks everybody. I wish you all the best!

Much love,


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Jul 18, 2009
I knew this day was coming :( thanks for everything.. we ALL know WEEDTRACKER was a force that helped create and maintain the movement .. from raid alerts/protest info and just collective menus to friendships. this site gave it all and i'm proud to be a member.. later WT!!! THIS ONES FOR YOU!!!!
Jul 8, 2009
I wish you the best of luck! I hope your feeling will change in the future, don't let the few ass hole influence your life. They have no control unless you give it to them.Out Grow the Government.