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Nov 2, 2009
Re: Must try!!!

I took the opportunity to swing by MWC last Thursday morning. I first have to say that their shop is very nice. I found the service in the patient waiting area kind and friendly. I consulted with the budtender about the various strains available and was quickly impressed by his knowledge and insight on the medicinal qualities of all products offered. Pricing was average for the Bay Area, and affordable. Selection was very strong.

I purchased Blue Dream and Queen Green. As an early adopter at MWC I was given a Sativa pre-roll, a sample of their GDP kief, and a hefty 1.5 g of the house Pineapple. All very high quality. I appreciated the fact that they have knowledge of their sources, their growing practices, manicuring, and curing, etc. They also offer granulated canni-sugar, among a vast selection of edibles, which I will have to try at some future time.

Generosity aside, I was impressed by what the owner intends to creating with this dispensary. They are committed to assisting the community as well as local patients. And although they aren't quite web-ready yet, they do have enormous potential. I will certainly be returning. Thank you very much MWC! And keep up the good work!