Its Been A Data-Disaster-Base!


Staff member
Jan 21, 2011
For some reason the database server ran out of diskspace and rather than notify me that something was wrong (like it should have) its just been quietly melting down on its own. Because the database filled up, the hard drives were full so it wasn't able to make backups of the database for the last 2 weeks (actually 17 days to be exact).

Then during the process of trying to move the databases to a larger drive a whole bunch of tables got corrupted because they were all of different kinds. Some InnoDB some MyISAMI. So I didnt realize that, so when I moved the files to the new larger disk for the database, the InnoDB tables got corrupted, because apparently there is some kind of file thing that maps the files location to the data in the database and there is a special way your supposed to move the databases, and of course I didnt know that, so I totally fucked everything up. Yea me.

So were are we now? Weve gone back in time to the 17th of September, 2014.. You can tell all your friends your a time travler now! hahaha

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