How To Be Seen: Post. Post. Post.


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Jan 21, 2011
Its been awhile since weve given out any advice to business owners about how to optimize their WeedTRACKER advertising. So this week were going to talk about "being seen."

What does it mean to "be seen?"

The most important thing on WeedTRACKER is for your post in your forum to be seen by the most people possible. So how do you do that? Post more often. You see every time you make a post in your forum, it comes up as the most recent post for that forum, that section and that category. Since there is a very limited number of recent post that are seen at a time, its extremely important that your post be that most recent post.

Where is the best place to be seen?

The best place is the "Deals and Specials." This is the best because the recent post from this forum show up in the most places: on the home page, in the collectives and dispensaries menu.

Where is a good place to be seen other than the deals forum?

Posting in the general conversation forums is also a good idea. This builds customer relationships, people get to know you as a person and your employees as people and then they will want to come into your store to meet you in person and they will become loyal customers. Its also good because you should have a link to your forum and/or your menu thread in your signature (if you use mmjmenu just link to your forum).

Good luck out there and remember, if you dont participate in the community, the community is not going to participate in shopping at your business and if your good to the community and it will be better to you in return.

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