Hope- Net

obi wan

Hi, Im New!
Mar 4, 2009
The Other day, I had the pleasure of visiting Hope Net again.
In the process of adjusting to our Economy I have noticed how
some of the Clubs, have become more Business like and less
Medical in the way they meet and greet you.
From the Moment you visit Hope Net, the operative feeling is
"Compassion in Action". You get the feeling that every one who
is working here is genuinely Glad to see you. When you get into
the Medicine Room, You see at least 30 Containers, neatly lined up
and filled to the Top with beautiful buds. And the Bud-tenders here
are incredible. If you prefer Tops & Crowns, that is what you will get.
And, during purchasing, if you change your mind on a particular Strain
they will happily exchange for another, after the purchase. And in case
I forgot to mention, there collection of Cold-Water Hash, made at the Club
by the Owner is Extraordinary as well as the Wax, also made on the premises.
All together, an Extraordinary experience.!