Flowering with HOT5's?

Budd Good

Jan 17, 2009
Ok, I thought I would start a thread for the benefit of the econo-gardeners out there and those looking to max out their yield as efficiently and cost effective as possible by useing HOT5's for blooming plants.

You can post your pics here of your grows, flowering plants, yields useing HOT5's (it's encouraged!!) discuss your grows useing HOT5's, and of course any tips and tricks to fully utilize all the greatness that is available from HOT5's ( I know what you HPS gardeners are saying) but I've seen and heard of impressive results so I know it is possible.

Let this be a forum for those seeking new ways to solve old problems.

For now, any gardeners out there with HOT5 blooming experience, would like to get this thing fired up?
Oct 27, 2010
How close can you keep the flowers from the lights? I read keep them anywhere from 6" to a foot away? Any suggestions?
Mar 31, 2009
You can literally get the T-5 unit right above the tops, I like to keep at least 2-4" above in case I get lazy and they grow into the light maybe a bit more... As long as you have good air circulation and ventilation you shouldn't have any burning issues. Yields are kind of a touchy subject these days, but I'll be able to give you a better idea next grow... I'll be switching over to AN and might be giving soil a try, really curious to see what kinda nug those HOT5's can push using synthetics.

Col. Kif

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Jul 20, 2009
The issue is cost savings versus results. Light Penetration and spectrum balance.

You can get great results with Ho T5's but you have to work within thier penetrative limitations. That means multiple tops and short wide plants. LST or SCROG in one form or another. I bend mine out, spread them open and trim overlapping or crowding leaves. I also keep the lights no farther than 6" from the tops.

Only the individual grower can make the decision as to what is going to be best for them. If I ran HPS instead of Ho T5 I'd almost have to triple my Wattage usage in lights and cooling to cover the same area. That only means it isn't practical for my conditions and set up. People in more moderate climates will have less cooling challenges and the extra penetration of the HPS can mean more weight in many circumstances.

Like any other tool it has its application, you just dont use a wrench to pound a nail.
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Oct 27, 2010
Was curious to hear back from others on what strains are preferred when flowering with HOT5's.
I found that PO's Pre98 Bubba works excellent with T5's especially when you LST them.
Of course it is understood practically any strain can be worked, but I would like to hear back from those who have certain favorites and why.


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Jan 25, 2010
gotta keep the lights like 3" from the lights. more & theres a large lumen drop off. you can grow great weed but itll be smaller less filled out, but still can be great. i only veg under t5 now because the yeild is like less than half compared to hps. im comparing 4', 8 bulb t5 to 600w hps. thats my 2 cents.


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Jun 22, 2010
haven't done it myself, but i've seen some pretty impressive examples of other folks grows! one tip is to check out the pet shop and get some of the deep red aquarium t5s up in your grow room, if you're vegging the acitinitic (sp?) blue is suppose to help quite a bit as well


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Jul 4, 2008
Additionally rememeber to factor in the length of time you veg (so many days at 18 or 20 hours) at longer hours and costs multiply by days in veg, the time to train the canopy+ bloom time. T5's could be placed vertically if the plants are over 18" during bloom as well as horizontally. A cfl or two or a two footer dropped between would do well. ventilation is key not so much for heat as for co2 and it discourages many pests and PM. Good luck!!
Jan 28, 2012
Had a buddy get good results but he also used tons of PGRs so not really a fair way to judge. I won't touch stuff with PGRs. Everyone above has given great advice, definitely keep the light within 4 inches of the top and LST/top/fim whatever to keep your canopy nice and even. Toss the stuff below, the hot5s won't penetrate that low and you'll have fluffy popcorn at the bottom taking energy away from the goods up top :) have a great day everyone