Dogproof Smell Proof & X-Ray Proof Bags


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May 7, 2011
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We are hoping for some readers to review our smell proof bags to help increase awareness of our site.

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Nov 7, 2018
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I am not sure if this is 100% accurate but I think the smell is actually arsenic or something very similar. The reason I say this is because I have found that the smell increases with the fecal traces and the feces is effectively the unwanted elements of human blood. If there is anyone in a pathology lab with access to a flame spectrophotometer this could be tested quite easily.
Not that there is a risk to humans from this level, after all it came from your body in the first place.
The main reason most people do not report the smell as a definitive sign is because it builds up with time and you are less likely to notice it creeping up on you over several months. However if you have a good sense of smell you can detect it, sometimes even from outside the property. Obviously the human sense of smell is no where near as sensitive as a dogs which is why they make good detection tools.

The problem with *any* container that claims to be smell proof is, they are unless you contaminate the item itself unknowingly. Cars are smell proof too, but the dogs find the car because you handled weed and then opened the door, contaminating the door handle. Ditto for anything. If you're handling your smelly bong or smelly weed, and putting it in inside the smell proof bags in that pack, the items in the pack may not smell, but the pack likely still will because you've handled it with contaminated hands from the objects you're trying to hide.

So, a smell proof container is one step of the process. Learning not to contaminate yourself and then contaminate things you handle is the other step. And if you learn that, any backpack is going to work because you can drop it in a simple small jar or pill bottle and put that in the pack and neither will smell as you've kept your hands clean.

I use those freezer bags with an actual zipper https://bestoutdooritems.com/best-smell-proof-backpacks/ on the top Not the ziplock one which are not smellproof. I put the baggie with the weed in normal ziplock bag then put the ziplock bag inside a bigger proper zipper freezer bag. All surfaces should be swabbed with alcohol as well.
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