Do animals have souls?

vinyl jones

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Jul 19, 2005
I believe physics proves that everything is connected and our souls are energy...you cannot destroy energy (beng simple with the physics here but you get it). String theory almost makes it inevitable that consciousness (or, your soul) goes on until entropy finally finishes off our universe...and even then, in the vast emptiness of an infinite and truly empty universe, physics says my little fuzzy cat's soul will still be around, purring on my metaphysical lap, reflecting on the star stuff of yore and the finest catnip in the cosmos.


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Jul 9, 2005
Of course animals have souls, just look into their eyes when your spending some time with them.



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Dec 26, 2006
Well I know for a fact that animals have souls because I have felt one walk on me. A couple years ago I posted how my dads dog Duke died. I was the one who tried to save his life by driving him to the vet but he didnt make it. By the time I got the the hospital Duke was dead. That night when I was sleeping on my dads couch I woke up at around three in the morning and I felt light foot steps on me. It was like it was a puppies soul. I guess Im seeing that as Dukes soul and he was re born as a puppy. I guess Duke was just letting me know that he was Ok. I still miss you Duke and I love you buddy.
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Dec 9, 2006
wow thats cool-some dogs are so mean and will take a chunck out of you for no reason,oh they smell fear ,wtf-psyco,dogs-imo
Dec 9, 2006
yea- they have dog souls-some are killer dogs but we have killer humans so y can't they have souls but a conscious regret or any type of remorse? :glitterleaf: imo
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MaMa Leary

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Mar 25, 2009
Do you think the teaching are, due to we eat animals. :TwoHeaded-Cow: If you feel they have no souls you could eat it with out feeling bad. :peace-Cow: Like vegeitarian don't eat anything with eyes. In Buddisum :yinyang: they believe all living things(insects too) have a right to be respected. 4-H for children raises animals to sell and kill, then they get a ribbon. :third: my kids got too attached to the to kill the animal to eat. With that said, my cat came to me in a dream, when she was in trouble, she was locked in my x's gararge(he was to take care of her) no food , no water. I found her the next day and got her, she was soo happy to see me, we were close. she knew when I was sad, happy, tired :sleep1: ....she is dead now. Crystal and I had great times for 21 yrs..yes they have souls....Many Blessing
Dec 9, 2006
i go along with the injuns kill to eat but not just to kill-less its wolves killing your animals!!imo were talking animals not people


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Jan 24, 2008
"Do animals have souls?" why of course they do :doh:

do "all" humans have souls?!? it seems not... :caked:

anything, and everything atomic has a soul :thumb:

and, we all share this same soul, we are all "1"

animals and humans are similar, yet, we are different parts of the "whole" being, remember, we are all one. a toe is a toe, and a finger is a finger, but, they collectively make a human, when you put them all together, so, is a human a toe, or finger?!? or is a human a soul, encapsulated by a bag of water?!?

i believe a human being is intelligent water :whistling:, whom created what we call "body", so we could "walk" around! we live on a water planet, we are mostly water in our mass, and water is the single most important element in our human experience, we are water! and we are one!

i am a priest, and my path is to help animals who have been hit on the road ways. i stop when i am no risk to myself, or others, i gather the remains, and i bury as close to the scene as possible. most of these animals have gone to the light, some have not, and i ask that they do, i connect them with the light of heaven/creation, whatever you feel comfortable calling it. i also do this out of respect for the fallen animals family, they are not far from the accident, usually. and i pray for the survivors, i pray for the family of the fallen animal, that they may be safe, and free from the dangers of the roadway. we can all get caught in an energy loop, that is what "ghosts" are, trapped energy, that has a foot in two realitys, and is more partial to one over thee other :dizzy:

when we see the importance of a soul in every living thing, man and woman will be at peace, with themselves, and everything around them.

my question to this thread is, does contemporary man have a soul?!? or, has it been traded, for things that shine when the sun hits it?!?

blessings to the holy "1", which we are "all" apart of.....
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