Arizona Prepares To Revoke Cards Of Medical Marijuana Violators

Sep 4, 2012
Arizona officials has made things very hard for patients to legally receive their medication. Now some patients and caregivers that have technically violated Arizona's new medical marijuana law, may have their cards revoked.

The state laws outlines that any caregiver or patient that fails to report violent crimes or lie on an application about past convictions may have their medical marijuana cards revoked. The law even states that the sell of medical cannabis outside the confines of an approved dispensary for profit is still illegal, and improperly secured grow rooms will also result in cards being pulled.

Two Arizona patients have already had their cards revoked for a violation, but the details are protected by a confidentiality clause. 10 others are under investigation for possible card revoking for violations according to Arizona DHS rules administrator Tom Salow.

Salow says the agency is behind in revoking cards due the failure to research the backgrounds of applicants. Arizona DHS is now working on a better process to review current card holders and applicants, and process future cases more swiftly.

Currently no profit is allowed for the exchange of medical marijuana outside of dispensaries, and with actions taken by Gov. Jan Brewer and Atty. Gen. Tom Horne, no dispensaries have been allowed to open. Continue Reading...