Anyone Else Get Ants Before Harvest? :)

Feb 4, 2018
Damnitall ! It's crazy, that two weeks before harvesting begins.

1. You're on "Trich Patrol" 24 hours a day - you can't stop looking
2. You have a major traffic jam entering the grow room - ladies are beggin to get in.
3. Buds are takin their time but swelling just enough daily to torment you into agreeing to "let it ride" another day
4. Your hands start "trimming" with phantom Fiskars like you're playing air guitar

thI've got 2 girls scheduled to be ready Feb 2nd - another 2 around the 11th. It's soon to be crunch time but I must refrain from any "false starts" - they're not primo yet - they want more time.

They like tormenting me like this - they know I'm about to kill them and they're making me work for it.

I can't imagine ever tending a crop so vast that I couldn't afford this kind of emotional attachment to each harvest. Makes me wonder how the big dogs are able to retain the same passion while also remaining at peak production. I don't think I'd enjoy that kind of pressure. Torturing myself before a harvest is just too damn rewarding.


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Jun 4, 2018
Not a huge problem, but something you should take care of. First get some ant traps and place them around the plant. You can also sprinkle PRECOR 2000 around the plant, as ants will not cross cinnamon. Last option would be a soil pesticide - ants are fairly easy to kill, but I hate putting pesticides in my soil, because it ends up in my smoke.
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Oct 8, 2005
I wonder if he was saying antsy, I get that. But then I get the ants on the guerrilla grows, they mostly just farming the honeydew, which is a bigger problem.