Android / Iphone App For Marin Wellness Center

Would you use an Android or iPhone app dedicated to this collective if they had one?

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Jan 21, 2011
WeedTRACKER has the capability to now offer everybody who has their own forum their own mobile application, either for Android, iPhone or both!

Patients Benefit!
  • Easy Access: Information is one tap away
  • Updated Information: Get the latest news, menus and specials every 15 minutes
  • Direct Access: You don't have to 'search' for your favorite collective, the app IS your favorite collective!

Collectives & Dispensaries Benefit!
  • Direct Communication: Everything you post in your forum is available in your app
  • Deals & Specials: Offer deals and specials directly to loyal patients via the app by posting in your forum
  • Ad Free: No other collective or dispensary is going to get between your message and your patients

If they had an app, what device would you use their app on? Vote in the poll and then go tell them that you want a app because they are your favorite place!