Adhs Receives 486 Applications For Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


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Sep 15, 2006
Jul 06, 2012
By Linda Kor

With the deadline to submit applications for Medical Marijuana Dispensary Registration Certificates passed, the Arizona Department of Health Services has provided information regarding the number of dispensary applications received and the next steps in the process of implementing Arizonas Medical Marijuana Act.

According to ADHS Director Will Humble, the department received 486 medical marijuana dispensary applications among the 126 Community Health Analysis Areas (CHAAs). Twenty-seven of the CHAAs had no applicant at all, leaving 99 Community Health Analysis Areas with at least one applicant. Seventy-five of the 99 had more than one applicant.

Well be using a device that blows balls inside of a clear cage to randomly select the successful applicant in each CHAA. Applicants will be assigned a random code in advance and the person with the code that matches the ball that blows into the chamber will be allocated a registration certificate, explained Humble. The process will be repeated for each of the competitive CHAAs, with the process to be webcast live on a URL that will be given out a few days before the Aug. 7 event.

The act doesnt allow the identity of the successful applicants to be revealed, so the live announcement will be made using the code that only the applicants will have. Everyone who is allocated a dispensary registration certificate will have a little less than a year to build out and get an approval to operate.

The ADHS is also working with Arizonas pharmacy/poison control systems to put together a contract to provide technical assistance and educational materials to the future dispensary medical directors. The department is also working to hire a vendor to help ensure that the future dispensaries are truly non-profit. The contractor will be reviewing the required dispensary audited financial statements to make sure theyre on the up-and-up in terms of truly being non-profit, stated Humble. As an example he stated, the contractor will be looking for evidence that dispensaries are getting fair value for goods, services, salaries and reimbursements to make sure that they dont use a shell game to over-pay for goods or services as a way of moving assets out of the dispensary.

In a map showing the CHAAs throughout the state, it is noted that the Holbrook, Winslow and Snowflake regions are in three separate CHAAs, and the ADHS received from two to five applications for Medical Marijuana Dispensary Registration Certificates for each of those three CHAAs.

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weedtracker norcal
Jan 1, 2005
that number is absolutely amazing, arizona being one of the larger states ... I can see a need for quite a few Cannabis Collectives.


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Jun 29, 2011
This is not a good thing.. I hope the Feds step in and don't allow 1 dispensary to open their doors.. But they will wait, and raid the hell out of them.. The rules that were put into prop 203 is an absolute joke.. patients that live 25 miles from a dispensary will have their growing rights taking away and will have to depend on these money hungry clowns.. This is completely wrong.. 25 miles is a long way to travel for meds.. And having to rely on a group of people running a shady "non profit" organization that no one knows how their meds where grown, what kind of mold or pesticides they have.. They need to drop the 25 mile rule or leave it like it is, patients and caregivers..
Peace, GodZsoN